Leamington Spa Hotels

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The spa towns of England have a very obvious appeal for visitors in terms of their history and architecture if not necessarily for the health-giving spa treatments which made them famous. Leamington Spa is no exception, a beautiful Regency town with characteristic wide avenues, and historic façades hiding behind them all the contemporary trappings of any popular town. It also helps that it is easy to get to, nestled as it is in the West Midlands, close to both Birmingham and Coventry. Leamington Spa hotels typically exude the charm, history and visual splendour of the town itself.

The old Pump Rooms of the town are still the main attraction, not in modern times for the curative spring waters but for the historic interest of the renovated buildings and as the home of an art gallery and museum, the tourist information centre, and Leamington library which occupies the space once used as the large swimming hall. The Pump Rooms are the first port of call for any visit to the town, after which a walk to Jephson Gardens is a must. There is boating on the lake, a café and restaurant, and plenty of trees and flowers to make any day trip worthwhile. Other attractions in the town include Victoria Park and the Royal Spa Centre, an entertainment and event venue.

As a town built with well-heeled visitors in mind there are numerous Leamington Spa hotels which evoke all the classicism and grandeur of the age while catering for such modern requirements as weddings and business conferences, but it is not necessary to splurge on the most expensive to get a flavour of the history and character of the town. There are many smaller independent hotels and bed and breakfast guest houses which occupy the historic terraces and buildings which make the town what it is today.